Travels throughout the sub continent

Since 2014 Michelle has been working and collaborating in India to explore her own Indian visual inheritance. She uses sketchbooks and photography as a starting point to explore themes and  threads of ideas around the representation of the feminine .

Using her academic background in Cultural Anthropology and Archeology (MA) – the figurative  wall paintings of Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra are an ongoing source of study and inspiration as reflected through the works on paper ‘One thousand images after Ajanta’.

1,000 images after Ajanta (series)

Michelle exhibited works in Gallery OED, India in 2016 with Theodore Boyer (USA) Joslyn Laurence (USA) Roxy Russell (Switzerland) and Kaare Bækgaard (Denmark). This exhibition presented artworks of individual and shared experiences of time spent by the artists on a Carpe Diem Residency in Kerala India. During this time Kaare Bækgaard wrote the poem which follows:

The poem was written in the Nordic style called ‘knækprosa’ – broken prose.

Hvor skønhed blomstrer i hæsligheden
Og tankeløst skænder den rige natur
Kommer hun med pensel og farve
Og maler alt det som de overser

Hun maler klædernes stærke farver
Efter dagens vask i det grønne vand
Og konen med de rynkede arme
Som smiler tilbage fra hyttens skygge

Hun holder sig ikke for god til at dele
Den rigdom hun fanger i penselstrøg
Og kommer de hen og kaster blikke
Så smigrer hun dem og viser frem

Det fædrende ophav havde sin vugge
I dette land af rigdom og armod
Hun kom fra den grønne ø i Atlanten
Og genfandt en længsel i dette land

Where beauty blooms in ugliness
And carelessness taint the streets
She comes with brushes and a palette
And paints what they fail to see

She paints the bright colors of the cloth
As it dries in the morning heat
And the woman with wrinkled arms
Smiling back from the shade of the hut

Graciously she reveals to all
The richness produced by the brush
If they come to take a glance
She explains and let them watch

Her fathers lineage had a crib
In this country of trouble and charm
From the island in the Atlantic
She came to discover his land