Michelle Boyle’s paintings observe place and belonging, presenting the universal in the ordinary and everyday.

Her subject matter draws on domestic scenes and objects – a bed, kitchen table, personal items of clothing. Images with a female narrative deeply rooted in the artist’s adoptive history and Irish / Indian visual inheritance.

Her studio process includes oil paint, with water based paints on paper and silk for immediacy of expression, and when working plein air.

“I have been moved and impressed by the sensuous rapture and fluid delicacy of Michelle Boyle’s watercolours emanating form her soul searching visits to India.”
– Philip Vann. Art Writer Cambridge UK 2017.

Boyle’s work is in international collections including the UN Paris, the Next Generation Self Portrait Collection London, Price Waterhouse, The Irish State, Microsoft International, The Drawing Institute Italy, the Irish Banking Federation, Tartu Print And Paper Museum Estonia.

BA Cultural Anthropology
MA Landscape Archaeology / Architecture