Today Something Happened

Trykimuseum print and paper museum Estonia residency

This series of portrait heads and works on paper follow from a residency with The Trykimuuseum Print and Paper museum in Tartu Estonia. The work including installation and works on paper is inspired by wooden ‘heads’ formerly used in the Estonian hat making industry.

The cloth bound heads with needle marks and inscribed head measurements are re imagined by the artist as commentary on torture and human suffering in times of conflict.

“For me the subject and thought I am dealing with drives the process of making.  I am a painter,  and love the solidity of oils and luminosity of watercolours – but sometimes the two dimensional painting is not enough –  so  I carve, assemble, sew or  salvage in order to allow the material to express what I am trying to say.  As there are multiple subjects in life there are multiple languages to the different materials in my studio”. – Michelle Boyle